The Wake Up Club


Michael (NBC NEWS)

Nathalie (Local News)

Chris (Local News)

Alan (Local News)

Aaron (Sports Report)

Holly (Weather)

Lauren (Celeb Scoop)

Join AJ, Michael, Natalie, Chris, Alan, Aaron & Holly weekday mornings for The Wake Up Club:

6:20AM: Coronavirus Insanity

6:35AM: Today In History

6:50 AM: The Good News

7:20AM: Birthdays (send us yours on Facebook by clicking here)

7:40AM: Impossible Trivia

7:50AM: Stuff AJ Found, While Looking For Other Things

8:00 AM Friday: The Friday Feel Good

8:20AM: Stupid Criminal Of The Day

8:25 AM: Florida Sports Report

8:40AM: AJ’s Useless Knowledge You Will Never Need

8:50AM Monday – Thursday: Celebrity Buzz 

8:50 AM Friday: Lauren & The Salacious Celebrity Scoop

9:00AM: The 90’s @ 9

9:20AM: Check Up On Health

Plus local and national news, weather, and jokes to laugh and groan at all morning long!

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