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1 day 2 hours ago

šŸ‘®Today's Stupid Criminal: A 35-year-old man was arrested after he flew into a rage at a Dunkin in New York City. He was mad because

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1 day 3 hours ago


Millennials have shown less interest in doing THIS than previous generations

Wednesday's Answer: Congrats to Shanna who said A Hug

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1 day 3 hours ago

šŸ„³Happy Birthday Wishes To:

America Ferrera is 40
Kourtney Kardashian is 45
Conan O'Brien is 61
James Woods is 77

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1 day 4 hours ago

šŸ”„The ConversationšŸ”„

Do you spank your kids or do you not believe in it?

305-334-6519 or leave a comment below

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1 day 4 hours ago

Good Morning it is Thursday April 18th! Today is National High Five Day! If you want to become a member of The Wake Up Club,

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