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16 hours 12 minutes ago

šŸ‘®Today's Stupid Criminal An 18-year-old Iowa woman was supposed to get picked up for a first date, but decided she didn't want to meet the

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17 hours 12 minutes ago

šŸ„³Happy Birthday To:

Willa Holland is 33
Richard Madden is 38
Blake Shelton is 48
Paul McCartney is 82

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17 hours 40 minutes ago

šŸ¤”IMPOSSIBLE TRIVIAšŸ¤” This word comes from a children's game from the 1600s. It was sort of like jacks, and kids would try to win little

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22 hours 32 minutes ago

šŸ”„The ConversationšŸ”„

What things from the COVID-19 era or lockdown era have just faded into obscurity or are a joke now?

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23 hours 55 minutes ago


Justin Timberlake Arrested & Charged In NY

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